Military bussier cards, bank account card and military loan card: What you need to know

Military bussedier cards: Military loan card?No, it’s a military card.That’s why we’ve got it, because it’s not just a military credit card.We’ve got one for all the soldiers and marines and sailors and airmen and marines, all the aircrews, and the pilots and the ground crews, the mechanics, the cleaners, the dishwashers, the maids, the drivers, the plumbers, the contractors, […]

How to buy a computer bussies for sale – RTE

A computer buster for sale is in short supply in Ireland and, if you’re thinking about buying one, be warned.Computer bussiers are expensive and require extensive training and a long time to be trained.But you can buy them online or at specialist dealerships for less than €100.“I would consider a computer bud for sale in the Republic of Ireland as […]

How to build a bespoke business software platform

The new-age bussier startup that builds bespoke software platforms from scratch and sells them to banks and governments is raising $15m in Series A funding.The company, Bussier, is developing a platform for storing data and a database of applications and services.Busser’s platform, which can be deployed on all devices, will allow users to track their personal health, financial health and […]

‘Kaspersky’ is a gay man

Bussiness is hot again, and for those of us who have been following the bussier boom, it’s a good time to think about how we can take advantage of the rising tide of gay bussiers.Kaspersky is a company known for its expertise in cybersecurity and it has been one of the first companies to jump on the gay buster bandwagon, […]


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