The future of the US Postal Service: Why a new plan to build a postal network will be a big deal.

The future of the US Postal Service: Why a new plan to build a postal network will be a big deal.

Hacker News article A new plan is coming soon to the Postal Service that would bring more than 50,000 post offices into the fold.

The proposal was approved by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform last month and will now go to the full House for approval.

The Postmaster General’s Office announced the plan at a press conference Monday.

“It is going to make the USPS a very competitive place, a very efficient place to deliver packages,” said Postal Secretary Thomas Donohue.

“I can assure you this is a major project that will benefit all of us.”

“This will be one of the largest investments in the Postal system, possibly in the country’s history,” said Postmaster general Carolyn C. Koskinen.

The new system would include an extension of the existing network, and would bring a new, more efficient system to the streets of the nation’s capital.

“We’ve seen how important that is, and this is an example of how that’s really a key component of our efforts,” said the Postmaster.

In addition to the new post office, the plan would create a new Postal Regulatory Commission, with the goal of providing greater oversight of the Postal service.

The proposed system would also be the first of its kind in the nation, and will not only expand the Postal Services footprint, but will also make it more efficient and less costly.

“The new proposal is a significant expansion of the postal system, a significant increase in efficiency, a massive increase in capacity,” said Donohued.

The project is being backed by the Postal Savings and Investment Council, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, and the National Post Office Association.

The plan has faced some opposition, with many arguing that the proposal would cost too much and would not be viable, as it would require the Postal System to pay for a whole new fleet of trucks and a new fleet, which could cost $5 billion.

It will be up to Congress to weigh in on the plan.


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