How to save a job in Irish-owned companies

In 2016, the Irish Government established the Jobs with Irish Ownership scheme.This initiative has helped more than 5,000 companies and businesses to take advantage of the country’s strong talent and skills.But what if your company is owned by another country?What if your business has a partner who is based in a different country?This article will explore the potential pitfalls of […]

Watch out for the new UberX cars, Uber claims

Watch out, Uber!The ride-sharing company is now officially launching a new version of its UberX service, UberX Plus, to replace its existing service.The new Uber Plus service is expected to be available for purchase by March 30, 2017.The service will be available to both new and existing UberX users. “We are excited to announce that we are introducing UberX PLUS,” the […]

Japan’s top bussier: Bussiness is in a state of transition

Japan is the second-largest economy in Asia after China, but the country’s economy is still in transition.The Bank of Japan has cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.25 percent and is working to raise the yield on 10-year government bonds from 1.50 percent to 2.00 percent.Buses are the only form of transportation that can travel quickly between Tokyo and Osaka, […]

What is Microsoft’s big bussier idea?

Small businesses want more efficient systems, not less, and Microsoft wants to help them by making small, high-tech systems that are easy to set up and use.But if that means making less space on your desk, you’re in for a bumpy ride.Microsoft is looking to put some money into building a small business management tool that it hopes will be […]


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