Media Placements Are Key

Planning a public relations campaign? Don’t expect to put your business on the map with a single media placement. New research finds that repeated exposure is the key to gaining brand recognition and engagement. Bospar, a boutique PR firm, polled 1,010 American adults to determine how likely people are to visit a tech company’s website, based on media coverage.

The research found that winning over consumers requires the rollout of a strategic, sustained PR program over time, said Curtis Sparrer, a principal of Bospar.  The results were broken down by demographics, including gender, age and income.

“In this noisy media landscape, we discovered that there were certain early-adopter demographics that marketers can expect to visit a company’s web or mobile site immediately after seeing the first stories post,” Sparrer said. Here’s what Bospar discovered about American consumers’ habits when they view tech company media placements: Men are more likely than women to visit a company’s website. A majority of American men will visit a company’s site after seeing media placements, with 1 in 5 saying that they will check out a site the very first time they see an article. Sixteen percent will go to a site after seeing two to five media placements, and 1 in 4 after seeing a story more than five times.

In contrast, 41 percent of American women say that if they keep seeing a tech company in the media, they will eventually visit the company’s site, but only 13 percent will visit after seeing one media placement, and 11 percent will visit the site after two to five placements. “I’m not surprised about the different reactions between men and women when it comes to seeing technology companies in the news,” Ebba Blitz, CEO of Alertsec, said in a statement. “Men have been long encouraged to embrace technology and to be early adopters.

However, with a new emphasis on women in tech, I hope to see that trend change by the time my daughters enter the workforce.”